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How Many Votes Made the Difference....

political memorabilia collectors item election 2000 gore bush  florida vote ballot  chad recount  souvenirsYou would think this would be an easy question, but the number of Florida votes separating Bush and Gore is still up for debate. We could go on and on about what the real vote count in Florida was, but mainly the Chad Bag speaks for itself. Each tiny piece of paper represents the vote of a US citizen. No matter what the difference, Chad Bags show that every vote really does count.

According to the Florida Department of State Division of Elections November 7, 2000 General Election Official Results

Bush / Cheney (REP)
Gore / Lieberman (DEM)
Sub Total
Federal Overseas Absentees

The Florida Supreme Court ruled on December 8 that the net votes gained by Gore from November's manual recount in Palm Beach County and partial recount in Miami-Dade County would have been added to the Gore tally. Under this ruling, 168 votes would have been added from Miami-Dade County. There was a dispute over whether 215 or 176 votes from Palm Beach should be added for Gore. The combination of the Miami-Dade and Palm Beach figures would have slashed Bush's overall lead to either 154 or 193 votes.

Supreme Court of Florida. case No. SC00-2431 [December 8, 2000] CORRECTED OPINION ALBERT GORE, JR., and JOSEPH I. LIEBERMAN, Appellants, vs. KATHERINE HARRIS, as Secretary, etc., et al., Appellees.

Then the US Supreme Court overturned that decision with No. 00-949 GEORGE W. BUSH, et al, PETITIONERS v. ALBERT GORE, Jr., et al. ON WRIT OF CERTIORARI TO THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT [December 12, 2000]

The Associated Press is using the Florida Department of State Division of Elections, which shows the difference in non-absentee votes as 202. CNN is using other numbers as of December 14 showing Bush at 2,909,176 and Gore at 2,907,451.

Currently, a group of news organizations in Florida, including the Miami Herald, are doing a post-election recount of their own.

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