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Antony Maderal


Florida Chad Bag Demonstrates That Every Vote Counts

MIAMI, FL - January 19, 2001 - Two Miami entrepreneurs have created a unique collectors' item commemorating the Florida Election 2000 vote-count controversy - the Florida Chad Bag.

This 1.5 inch zip-closed plastic bag contains between 150-500 hand-punched Florida chad, a small section of ballot, and a label that commemorates Election 2000. All chad were hand-punched from demonstration ballots identical to ballots used in Florida's Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach elections.

Chad are tiny squares of paper that voters punch out of keypunch ballots to mark their vote. In Election 2000, legal debates over chad ultimately determined the winner of the presidential race. Controversy centered on how to count incorrectly punched chad such as hanging chad, swinging chad, tri chad, dimple chad, and the famous pregnant chad.

The Florida Chad Bag is a novelty item for sale during President George W. Bush's inauguration, but it also is a physical demonstration of how few votes separated the winner from the loser in Florida's presidential election. Each bag contains a varied number of chad, because the actual number of votes for Former Vice President Al Gore and President George W. Bush still is open for debate. The Florida Department of State Division of Elections' officially awarded Bush a 202-vote lead over Gore (not counting Federal Oversees Absentee Ballots which had no chad) on November 7, 2000. Each Florida Chad Bag is a reminder that every vote makes a difference in America's democratic system.

For additional information or a sample Florida Chad Bag contact Antony Maderal www.miamisouth.com

MiamiSouth.com is based in Miami Beach, FL. The husband-and-wife team designs travel-industry websites such as www.cancunsouth.com and specializes in travel industry Internet marketing.

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