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Chad Bag!

Presidential Election 2000 Bush v. Gore
Political Collectors Item

Florida Chad Bags are perfect for inaugural parties, political memorabilia collections, high school civics classes, get out the vote efforts and more. The original Chad Bag is only available for a short time because there were only a limited number of these ballots printed.

presidential election 2000 gore v bushEach Chad Bag contains between 154-518 chad from Florida ballots. The Chad represents the number of votes from election day ballots that separated President George W. Bush and Former Vice President Al Gore in the Florida 2000 Presidential Election. You would think this would be a fixed number, but it is still open for debate. The aim of Chad Bag is to show in a physical way how small this critically important number was.

This historic test of our country's democratic process focused attention on the voting precincts and court rooms of the State of Florida for over 36 days. To commemorate this historic struggle for the leadership of our democracy and to keep a little reminder of the unprecedented 2000 Presidential Election, we have created the Chad Bag. The Smithsonian in Washington, DC, is interested in ballots from the 2000 Presidential Election here in Florida. You can own a piece of election history for your collection too!

These are authentic Chad hand punched from demonstration ballots that were used right here in Florida's Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Order a Chad Bag now and see for yourself how these tiny pieces of paper made a difference in the future of the US and the world.

Order your Chad Bag now

The Chad Bag is a perfect and necessary reminder that every vote counts in our democratic process. It does not matter who you vote for, only that you cast your vote. We offer discounts if you order in bulk and for bulk orders the message in the Chad Bag can be personalized to say whatever you want.

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